Academic Advisor Development Program

Promoting Student Learning and Success

Four Goals

The IUPUI Academic Advisor Development Program (AADP) was created to achieve the following four goals:

  1. Promote undergraduate student learning and success by supporting student persistence, encouraging on-time degree completion, and increasing student engagement through enhanced academic advising.

  2. Standardize the quality of and training for academic advising across campus.

  3. Grow academic advising as a profession.

  4. Retain highly effective academic advisors who support IUPUI’s strategic initiatives and demonstrate their commitment to student success through ongoing professional development.

Congratulations to Our First Senior Academic Advisor

The AADP Committee congratulates Jana Renner on becoming the first advisor to be promoted to senior academic advisor through the Academic Advisor Development Program. Jana advises students in the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management.

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The AADP will be piloted with the Division of Undergraduate Education in the 2016–2017 academic year. Other interested schools are welcome to participate as well.

Deadlines for the 2016–2017 Academic Year

  • Applicants attend orientation or view recording (Oct. 4).
  • Supervisors give approval to pursue review (Nov. 11).
  • Applicants submit rationale for review and CV to advancement panel (Dec. 5).
  • Advancement panel invites applicants to submit full set of mandatory and discretionary docs (Dec. 20).
  • All applicant docs are due (Jan. 27).
  • Advancement panel decision letters go out (Feb. 24).
  • Responsibility centers make final decisions (March).

2016–2017 AADP Committee

  • Danny King, School of Engineering and Technology (Campus Advising Council Representative).
  • Maureen Kinney, University College (Campus Advising Council Representative).
  • Martha Marshall, University College (JACADA Representative).
  • Laura Masterson, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (Campus Advising Council Representative).
  • John Murry, IUPUI Human Resources.
  • Terry O’Brien, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (JACADA Representative).
  • Matthew Rust, Director of Campus Career and Advising Services.
  • Kara Woodlee, Honors College (JACADA Representative).