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About Campus Career and Advising Services

Mission statement

The Office of Campus Career and Advising Services (CCAS) works collaboratively with IUPUI’s schools, colleges, and relevant campus councils to advance advising and career services initiatives and to promote the integration of academic and career planning.

To this end, CCAS:

  • Facilitates ongoing professional development opportunities for academic advisors and career services professionals and leads the Academic Advisor Development Program
  • Coordinates implementation, training, and usage of technologies used in career services and academic advising, including Handshake, IU’s Advising Records (AdRx), Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS), and iGPS tools
  • Leads the Campus Advising Council and the Campus Internship Council and serves on the leadership teams of the Career Services Council and the Jaguar Academic Advising Association (JACADA)
  • Advances best practices in internship experiences, facilitates employer connections to school-based internship coordinators, and develops and promotes pre-major internship opportunities
  • Serves as a first point of contact for employers interested in recruiting IUPUI talent
  • Maintains the career.iupui.edu and advising.iupui.edu websites
  • Leads campuswide assessment of learning, process, and delivery outcomes for career services and academic advising

In addition, the CCAS senior executive director provides strategic leadership and oversight for the advising and career education units within University College: Academic and Career Development, Center for Transfer and Adult Students, Life-Health Sciences Internship Program, and Office of Student Employment.

Advisors and career services professionals facilitate some of the most meaningful conversations that occur on this campus. We truly enjoy working to help these committed educators to challenge and to support IUPUI students with academic and career planning that empowers students to find their passions, plan their paths, and graduate on time and ready for their next opportunities. Please contact us with any questions about this critically important work that lays the foundation for student success.

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